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You need to make a lot of decisions for planning your wedding party. It may involve the guest list, the dress, and the venue, etc. You may have many relatives and friends. The toughest decision is to choose among these people as to how many of these will be your guests at the reception. They may include your maid of honor or your close relatives. Among these people, who are more important? You will get to know about this after reading this content. Now I am going to give you top tips for choosing your wedding party.

1.The wedding size 


Include a small number of groomsmen and bridesmaids at the party. It will be good if on either side you include 5 people only. But the size can be smaller or larger as per the formality. Invite 50-60 guests if the wedding is a smaller one. On the other hand, invite 150 guests if the wedding is a larger one. Remember one thing that it is not always good to have more. You will be organizing more details if you will have more attendants.

2.Before inviting someone thinks at least two times

If you will send an invitation to someone then that person will definitely come to the party. Don’t send the invitation to the party to all the favorite friends. Take some time and think. For thinking over the options, take at least one month’s time. Suppose a person is your close friend. Will he remain close to you forever? Is he a good fit for the party with the other guests? You need to find the answer to these questions before inviting him.  

3.Your expectations need to be honest

In what way do you want the party to happen? It will be good for you if your friends are present at all the pre-wedding parties, they shop for party clothes and entertain wedding invites. You may have chosen various clothes for them. Will they take interest in wearing those clothes at the party? Don’t invite the people whose schedules are hectic or who live in farther places because these kinds of people cannot involve fully in the complete marriage. If you will do this then you will be going to disappoint yourself. For these kinds of people, organize a pizza and wine party and invite them to take part in some prep activities of marriage.

4.Invite sisters and brothers 

If you will invite your sisters and brothers to the party then they will not only feel good but with the passage of time, they will come closer and closer to you. It will be good to invite the seniors only if your family is very big and you have so many brothers and sisters. Don’t include teenagers at all the marriage ceremonies but invite them when you host a party including food, beverages, and DJ. The teenagers take more interest in these kinds of parties.  

5.Invite those honor attendants that are responsible too

If at the pre-wedding ceremonies, the attendants can provide you emotional support then you need to invite these kinds of people. Two maids of honor or two best men can serve the purpose if you cannot depend on the best friend for most of the responsibilities. For the duties that are important and big, choose a friend who can become your BFF (best friend forever).

6.It is not necessary to invite someone just because he has invited you to his wedding

Sending a marriage invitation is not meant to return something to someone. If someone has invited you to his marriage party previously then it does not mean that you too have to invite him to the marriage party. For example, if a college friend has invited you in his marriage 5 years from now and currently, he is not in your touch then it is not compulsory for you to find him and send an invitation.

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