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Ultimate Guide to Moving Across

Are you planning on a cross-country move?

This is a bold step you’re taking!

While moving across the country offers you the chance to start a new life somewhere else, it can be really tough on your finances. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to save on long-distance moving.

Read on to find out how you can move across the country on a budget.

1. Rent a Moving Container

Portable moving containers can double up as storage units for your household belongings.

They’re much cheaper compared to professional moving companies. You can even cut the cost further by reducing the number of rental days.

Once you pack your boxes in the container, contact a container moving company to move it to your new home.

With this option, you can save almost half the amount you’d have spent with a specialized mover.

2. Shop for Discounts and Affordable Prices

For anyone looking for the cheapest way to move across the country, it’s crucial to do your research on prices.

Request and compare quotes from different moving companies that are willing to negotiate or give discounts.

After all, these companies are the best for handling and shipping fragile items as well as heavier belongings, such as machinery and cars.

The best auto transport companies should not only offer affordable prices but also provide top-notch services. You can research online to find reviews of your prospective auto moving companies from past clients.

3. Time Your Move Across Country

The time of the month you choose to relocate can have a great impact on how much you’ll spend to do so.

Avoid peak moving days, which include weekends and the first and last weeks of every month.

The best time is mid-month. This is the time when people least relocate. Moving companies aren’t so busy during this time, so their prices usually go down. Even the most expensive moving companies will be willing to negotiate or give a discount.

4. Sell Items You Don’t Need

If you have a lot of unused items, consider selling them to cut on moving costs. Start selling early to get the best value on them. Put some on Craigslist or eBay.

Also, avoid buying new things unless you really need them. New household items will only add to the cost of transport while moving cross country.

5. Rent a Moving Truck and Do It Yourself

Moving trucks are usually available for in-town moves. However, some companies offer self-driven trucks of varying sizes for long-distance moving. The bigger the cargo room, the more expensive it’ll be to rent the truck.

Look for a rental company that allows for one-way moves to save on costs. You can ask a moving expert to have a look at your items and help estimate the right size of the moving truck to choose.

Moving Across Country Is Easy!

Moving across country can be an overwhelming experience. With the high cost associated with it, moving on a budget may not be so easy.

Nonetheless, the tips above will not only help you reduce costs, but they’ll also give you some peace of mind during the whole process.

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