The Best Place to Buy Sports Tickets for a Fraction of the Price: 5 Tips

The Best Place to Buy Sports Tickets for a Fraction of the Price: 5 Tips

Football is right around the corner, hockey will be here before we know it, and the baseball season is closer to the World Series than opening day. If you’re a sports fan, the fall is the prime time to catch a game.

However, seeing your favorite professional (or even college) team might come at a price. The average NFL ticket price is over $100 for every team, and if you want to see some of the better teams, like the New England Patriots, prepare to shell out over $500 for a ticket.

Keep reading for 5 tips on the best places to buy sports tickets and how to save some dough.

The Best Place to Buy Sports Tickets: How to Save Some Dough

Every fan deserves to see a game in person, but if you don’t have an extra $500 lying around, there are ways to find tickets on the cheap.

1. Search for Presale Codes and Passwords

Different companies that sponsor sports teams often have passwords or codes for presales at a discounted cost. Credit card companies often do presale codes as well to their cardholders and offer VIP experiences to certain cardholders as well.

Do a bit of research online by searching for presale codes or passwords and check the benefits of your credit card company.

2. Shop the Secondary Sites

The ticket resale sites are a great place to find tickets for less than face value when season ticket holder or others sell tickets to games they can’t attend. Be careful here, though, and only buy from reputable sites that offer a money-back guarantee if the tickets are fraudulent (avoid Craigslist, for example).

If you’re looking for baseball tickets, for example, check out these Dodgers NLDS tickets.

3. Check out the “Scalp-Free” Zones

More and more sports arenas are setting up “scalp-free” zones where you can buy tickets from other fans and an employee will be there to scan it for you before you part with any money to make sure it’s legit. In the scalp-free zone at Fenway, you can’t sell your tickets for more than face value.

4. Go With a Group (or Buy a Single Ticket)

Groups often get a cheaper rate on tickets, so round up some of your buddies and get a group of friends together to go to a game. Or, consider buying a single ticket. Those lone single seats in the middle of a row might go unsold otherwise, so venues will often cut the cost to sell them.

5. Go On a Weeknight

The exception to this is NFL football, of course, as the Monday Night Football game is unlikely to be cheap. However, other teams, especially baseball, will have games most nights of the week, which are often less expensive.

If you can swing it with work, try to go to a game during the week and catch the weekend games from your couch or favorite sports bar.

Go Team!

Take the money that you save on your tickets and treat yourself to a souvenir, a beer or soda, and a hot dog and enjoy your game! Whether your team wins or loses, you’ll rest easy knowing you saved some cash on the game.

Now that you know the best place to buy sports tickets and tips to save money, you can enjoy even more games.

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