Restore the cooling of your refrigerator with a refrigerator repair

Restore the cooling of your refrigerator with a refrigerator repair

If you have been using your refrigerator for long, you may have one question: why is your refrigerator not cooling? Well, you need to understand when to fix your refrigerator, when it is causing a problem and when it is finally time to say goodbye. So, let us first solve the question as to why your refrigerator is not cooling.

Before that, you need to have the answers to how cold your refrigerator should be. According to the FDA, it should be set to 40 degrees F or lower. The temperature of the freezer needs to be at 0 degrees F. This is the standard temperature and if your refrigerator is not cooling or preserving food at that temperature, then something is surely wrong.

Sometimes, there might be something broken or nothing at all despite the fact that it is not cooling. There are a few easy fixes that you can do it by yourself without having to call any refrigerator repair technician. 

You can do these fixes by yourself and when the repair person arrives, you can give them a quick report of what you have tried doing and why it is still not functioning. This way you will not embarrass yourself in front of them.

Fixing Refrigerator Issues

Remember, you need to do all fixing when the refrigerator is not plugged in. It may sound silly but a lot of them jump to unnecessary conclusions without checking their power outlet. You first need to make sure if the power is running to the fridge or not. 

Once, you figure out that, check if your thermostat has been turned down. Just set the thermostat again to the appropriate temperature you want. It is the side by side freezer or the refrigerators where that is located in the back and then you have over under units that have thermostat under the fridge.

If the door of the refrigerator isn’t closing properly, then maybe there is no cooling because of that. 

You need to check on the doors and the gaskets and thus, you need to check on the light in the fridge too. When you close the door, does the light on the fridge turn on and off? If it does, it is fine. If it doesn’t, then the door might not be able to function properly.

The gaskets or the elastic and flexible strip around the edges of any refrigerator makes sure that the doors are properly sealed and closed when not in use. But, then by mistake, if the gasket is torn it means you need to replace it by another one just so that your refrigerator can be cooler.

The cold air cannot circulate so if the boxes of food in the refrigerator are blocking the vents, then by this also the cold air may be obstructed. Just organize the way you have placed things in your refrigerator or simply clear off the things that are not required. Maybe this is stopping your refrigerator from cooling.

Thus, when you are through your checklist and you have observed that the refrigerator is not providing enough cooling, maybe there is some other complicated issue with the fridge. This is the time when you need to call a refrigerator repair technician.  

What are some other refrigerator problems?

Sometimes, there are other malfunctioning parts that you need to be careful of too. There is the refrigerator compressor which may get damaged and need repair. Thus, sometimes if your compressor is not working or working to produce extremes of temperature then you need a change in the compressor. This compressor is located at the bottom and the behind of the fridge. So when you are replacing it, make sure you are going to unplug your refrigerator from the power source when you start.


Also, you need to safely disconnect the compressor from the discharge line and the suction line. You will need to make sure that the electrical package you had with the refrigerator needs to be removed too. You need to make sure everything is safely disconnected before you change this black compressor of the fridge.

Sometimes, the condenser coils cause damages such as they become clogged and then they can produce proper no more circulation of air. This might be restricting the fridge’s ability to keep the environment inside cool. So, you need to keep cleaning the coil as and when you get time.


Hence, you can check your coils, condenser fan, and other equipment to vacuum them and clear them off the dust. If nothing seems to be working, then make sure you call that refrigerator repair technician so that they can fix the appliance as soon as possible. If there are changes such as the replacement of the motor, it would be better if the experienced people only fix it.

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