Pick a Card: How to Design Effective Business Cards

Pick a Card: How to Design Effective Business Cards

A large part of modern life has gone digital, but paper business cards still persist. There’s something both satisfying and efficient about exchanging business cards.

Sure, exchanging phone numbers doesn’t take long, but handing over a business card is less awkward. But you still need effective business cards if you want to send the right message.

What makes a good business card? Read on for tips on how to make a good business card, one that you’ll be proud to hand out when you’re networking. 

Examine Other Cards

Before you start designing a business card, you should look at other designs. Looking at examples can help you figure out things you want to emulate, as well as things you want to avoid.

Look at the business cards you’ve collected. First, figure out which ones are the most striking. Then figure out why that is.

For instance, maybe a professional contact uses a vertical design instead of a horizontal one. That’s a way to stand out without going over-the-top.

But what if you find a business card that makes you cringe? You’ll want to look away but don’t. Study it to figure out why you had such a strong negative reaction.

When you’ve got an idea of what you want, go online and make your own business card samples. Laying things out on a screen can help you figure out if you’re heading in the right direction or need to change course.

Make it Readable

There are way too many font choices nowadays. You’ll feel tempted to get fancy but resist the urge.

Sure, that cursive font may look elegant to you, but it’s also going to be hard for some people to read. It’s best to stick with easily readable fonts.

That’s not to say your business card can’t look nice. It can, but you shouldn’t focus on a cool aesthetic at the expense of words people can read.

You need to get things like your name, email address, profession, and website on the card. Focus on doing that first. Then you can concentrate on adding any extras.

Get a Proofreader

You’ve done your research. You think you know how to design a business card. In fact, you’re ready to send your design to the printer.

But slow down. Before you hit send, you need to get someone else to take a look at things first.

You may think you’re a good proofreader. But the longer you look at something, the harder it is to spot any errors. And there’s no room for errors when you design a business card.

That’s where another set of eyes can prove invaluable. If your card says you’re a “professional barker” instead of “professional baker,” then they’ll be able to tell you.

It may feel embarrassing. But it’s not as embarrassing as paying good money for hundreds of business cards you can’t even use.

Creating Effective Business Cards

Figuring out how to create effective business cards is more of an art than a science. A design that works for your industry might not fly in other business settings.

But paying attention and staying true to your brand always helps.

Looking for more help? We’ve got plenty of other how-tos to assist you in navigating today’s business world. Bookmark our blog to stay informed.

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