Phone Tracker App for Business Safety

Phone Tracker App for Business Safety

Businesses these days are facing plenty of problems including cyber –attack, fishy and goldbricking activities of employees putting business safety and productivity at stake. Therefore, business owners, these days are lurking towards the technological tools that enable you to track all the activities on companies provided devices including cellphones. Therefore, you have to have got your hands on the phone tracker app to make sure business safety by making checks and balances on employee’s activities in working hours. Let’s get to know how to get access to employee’s devices, but initially, you got to know about the tool in detail that empowers you to track employee’s devices to the fullest.

What is phone tracker software?

It is one of the best cellphone surveillance software that is been particularly developed and tested for tracking the company’s devices. You can use it for the prevention of online threats from the web and threats within. You can use it on the target device having physical access on it. In addition to that, you can get access to its powerful tools and upload the information to its online control panel. It has a user –friendly interface and empowers you to navigate all the features on the target device remotely on the target device. 


TheOneSpy phone tracker works on all the cellphone devices running with the Android operating system. In addition to that, it works secretly on the target device because it remains hidden on the target device.

How to use Phone tracker software on employee devices?

No matter what sort of activities employees are doing on phones and tablet devices you have to use a cellphone tracking app to know about their activities. In addition to that, you can use the TheOneSpy webpage in order to get a subscription. Furthermore, get the credentials in terms of password and ID via email. Furthermore, get physical access to the target device and start the process of installation. When you have completed it then complete the setup. Now use the credentials and activate the web portal. Furthermore, you can use powerful tools to monitor employee’s activities on business owned phones and tablets.

Use phone tracker app powerful Features 

Live screen recording

You can remotely get access to the web portal and further you can tap on the screen recording. It empowers you to record short videos of the screen. You can send all the recorded videos to the online web portal.

Email tracking

Employers can remotely get access to the target tablet or mobile devices to track sent or received emails using email tracker software.

IM’s logs

Employers can remotely get access to the web portal and get the logs of all the social messaging apps running on the target device using social media tracker software. You can read the logs of text messages, text chat, media files, audio-video calls, and voice messages.

GPS Location tracker

Employers can track the GPS location of employees working outside the company’s premises by using GPS location tracking software.


TheOneSpy phone tracker app is the best too for employers to track employee’s activities in working hours on business-owned devices. 

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