Is Your E-commerce Business Prepared For Sales Spike?

Is Your E-commerce Business Prepared For Sales Spike?

As one of the impacts of the global pandemic, the odds are that online sales will continue to increase as customers are skeptical of making their regular purchases at brick and mortar stores. However, this also means that e-tailers and retailers must ensure that their e-commerce stores are in the best shape ever. 

This is why our experts at DubSEO have created this blog post for serious e-commerce retailers who want to make the most out of this opportunity. 

What small retailers should know about creating a standard e-commerce website

The first thing you should always keep in mind is that your primary aim is to sell goods and services. The reason why we have to emphasize on this obvious fact is that several e-commerce clients tend to get carried away by the technology and neglect this. For instance, it is advisable that your website has a straightforward sign-up procedure so that it is intuitive enough for your customers to actually make purchases when they visit your online store. 

Also, you would need to add high-quality pictures of your items that can easily be zoomed in and out by the visitors. It is important to understand that if your website has a complex layout or your products are not clearly displayed, then you would have a tough time converting the larger number of your e-commerce visitors. 

How do I know that it’s time to redesign my existing e-commerce website? 

The most obvious sign that points to the need to redesign your e-commerce website is if the site is not up to par with modern website designs. For instance, you would have to rebuild your website if it is not mobile-friendly. Ideally, a modern site should be able to reshape itself to be easy to operate on tablets and mobile devices. 

Furthermore, if you are getting feedback from your users that the site is complex to navigate, then you definitely need to consider redesigning it. Finally, if your sales are good but not increasing, then you may need to redesign the e-commerce website. Free tip: do you know that giving your website a new look or feature is a tactical method to entice all your previous customers and can help you make new ones? 

What are the key elements of a good e-commerce website? 

The most basic things e-commerce sites need to have are high-quality images and an easy-to-use interface. Other key elements would also include small sales-process details that are often neglected, such as coupons, inventory management, taxes, shipping options/costs, etc. 

In essence, a good e-commerce website should have the following: 

  1. Different modes of payment: To improve conversion rates, consider a variety of payment options such as PayPal, Apple Pay, MasterCard, Visa, Stripe, etc. 
  2. Social proof: When users can connect with you on social media (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), it increases authenticity and trust. 
  3. Product reviews and ratings: User-generated reviews are a smart way to allow your customers to do the selling for you 
  4. PCI compliance and robust security: This helps to ensure that your website is less susceptible to cyber-attacks and threats. 
  5. Mobile-friendliness: This will improve your SEO performance, as well as your conversion rate. 

What are some best practices for small retailers? 

  1. Prioritize the top product categories and products to avoid clutter. 
  2. Develop a streamlined search process based on the extent of your product catalog—for example, a search bar feature, left-hand filter, etc.
  3. If your products have a search demand, then implement Search Engine Optimisation. 
  4. Offer the same level of customer service you would provide in a physical store—for example, email, live chat, phone number, etc. 
  5. Display good quality product photos and videos. 
  6. Share genuine product ratings and reviews. 

How can small retailers make sure that their e-commerce sites are secure? 

First of all, it is never advisable for a small retailer to host a site themselves. It is recommended that they always make use of a platform that is trusted and credible. Also, it is necessary for them to also budget resources for consistent maintenance with their e-commerce development agency the UK. This will not only make sure that the website is safe but also enable them to incorporate certain features and changes to the website over time. 

To make sure your website is secure, consider the following:

  • SSL Certificate
  • Firewalls
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Privacy policy link in the site footer

Final Words

In all, it is crucial to understand that beyond having products to sell on a website, small retailers also need to adopt effective marketing plans to attract users to their site. Thus, creating a plan on how you will pull significant traffic to your site is as important as every other thing that has been discussed earlier in this article. 

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with Facebook and Google advertising, as well as a basic understanding of SEO. Feel free to contact us if you need expert Magento e-commerce development London services. 

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