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The average American has around 300,000 items in their home.

To negate this obsessive collecting, the minimalist movement has observed new and seasoned homeowners stripping their spaces of comfort items and getting organized. However, this stripped back appearance has lead to cold, unwelcoming homes.

Whether you’ve decluttered your life or you are a first-time homeowner looking to warm up your space, you need to know the tips and tricks for a cozy home.

Ready to learn how to make your home feel cozy without over-cluttering or reckless spending? Follow along to discover our top 9 tips for how to make your home feel welcoming.

1. Soften Your Lights

Gray and white have become popular decor colors for a modern and clean looking space. Unfortunately, these colors often come across as cold and hard.

If you’re a fan of the grays but feel the cool color palette, consider introducing warm lighting to soften the stark shades and introduce a cozier feel. Lights that have a blue undertone tend to make areas appear cooler. Instead, look for lightbulbs that have a ‘soft’ or ‘warm light’ feature.

These lights will have yellow or red undertones that deliver a gentle warmth, similar to that of the sun. This lighting will make your walls, furniture, and decorations appear softer and more comfortable.

2. Cozy Curtains

The purpose of window coverings is to block out light and prevent strangers from seeing in. However, blocking the light with bland white blinds can actually take away from your home’s warmth.

Look past functionality to introduce color and texture into your rooms with well-placed drapes. The fabric around the windows gives the space a tied-together look and can actually help keep the warmth in on those cold winter days.

Try making a statement by incorporating your accent color into your curtains or go for a new pattern to add some depth.

3. Memory Lane

With a photo album always available in our pocket, the trend of displaying family photos has significantly decreased.

If you are feeling uncomfortable or out of place in your own home, it’s time to add your personal touch by bringing those memories and mementos back. Book a family photoshoot, break out your vacation pictures or find a fun way to show off your collection of seashells.

These personal elements are what make your home feel lived in and loved, so don’t be shy to show off your favorite moments or collectibles. Just be sure not to fill your walls with excessive amounts of clutter in the process.

4. Go Green

Bring some life into your rooms by adding in plants. Not only do plants help to purify your air and bring more lively energy to the room, but the living greenery in your home is a beautiful, cozy touch too.

Check out sites like Pots Planters & More for pieces that bring out your unique style and match your existing decor. Consider boosting your greenery with floor planters, floral centerpieces, or make your outdoor spaces more inviting with a flourishing garden.

For low maintenance, choose succulents or native plants. You may even discover you have a green thumb!

5. Area Rugs

Using rugs will aid in adding a new dimension into your spaces. Even if your living room is already carpeted, a rug can provide the opportunity to introduce unique shapes, colors, or patterns that show off your unique style.

Rugs in areas like the front hall can help draw the eye through and deliver cozy warmth to your guest’s feet. Incorporate this cozy-toed feeling in bedrooms, dining areas, and even a small mat in the kitchen.

Doing dishes won’t feel like such a chore when you’ve got a fluffy, warm rug to cushion your feet while you work.

6. Pillows and Throws

Take pillows beyond the bedroom by adding a few comfortable cushions to your living areas. While you don’t need to take over the couch with pillow art, incorporating two or three cushions per furniture feature can bring an extra cozy and comfy element to your home.

Again, you can use these cushions for a pop of color, texture, or just a plush landing spot. Keep a throw blanket draped over your sofa or in a nearby basket to bring in a homey feel and encourage guests to get warm and fuzzy.

7. Dress Your Walls

If your walls don’t have any signs of nails or hanging fixtures, it can be tempting to keep the palette clean and unbroken. However, bare walls give off the impression that no one actually lives in the space.

If you are wondering how to make your home feel welcoming, you need to consider paintings and wall decor as a top contender. Pull your interests into your home by displaying moving pieces of art or artifacts that you picked up while traveling.

Just be sure not to place your wall decor too high or your space will feel more like a hotel or waiting room than a cozy home.

8. Centerpieces

Collections of items on surfaces can tend to feel like clutter, but a few well-placed items can actually make your coffee tables feel more usable.

If your surfaces are always bare, guests and members of your home tend to feel like it would be out of place to set their drink on the table or leave their phone behind while they visit.

Put out some coasters, a wicker tray, or even a plant on your end tables to let guests know these spots are free to use.

9. Fragrance

That clean, sterile smell is great for a public area, but when it comes to a cozy home, you need a warm and welcoming scent.

Whether you prefer to use candles, essential oils, or even plug-in fresheners, pick out a few scents that you feel match your personality and decor. This familiar scent will drive home that comfortable feeling when you and your guests walk through the door.

Whatever your signature scent is, your mind will quickly associate this smell with being home and allow you to slip into relax mode after a long day at the office.

Your Cozy Home Decor

Now that you know our 9 favorite cozy home ideas, you can set forward with confidence and make your space feel comfy and warm. From your wall decorations to your signature scent, you and your guests will never feel cold and uncomfortable again.

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