How to Manage Your Spine Surgery Recovery

Are you looking for ways to help your recovery process after spine surgery? Each year in the United States, patients undergo more than 1.6 million spinal procedures.

The depth of each procedure depends on the severity of a patient’s condition. Regardless of the type of surgery you undergo, there are effective ways for you to manage your health as you adjust to life after your procedure.

Read on to learn how to manage your spine surgery recovery today!

Follow Your Doctor’s Guidance

Spinal surgery can be a life-changing experience for you and your family. It’s crucial that you follow your doctor’s guidance as much as possible so that you avoid re-injuring yourself during recovery.

Before your doctor discharges you from their care, they will give you a list of things to do. It will also tell you what to avoid during the recovery process. Pay close attention to these directions and make sure you abide by them at all times.

Make Physical Therapy Your Priority

Physical therapy can help make the difference between living a great life with no spine pain or falling back into old habits and needing to go under the knife again. Spine surgery is a serious process and the less you have to undergo, the better!

Remember, there’s almost no way around physical therapy not interrupting your daily life to some extent. You’ll need to be ready to take some time off work or away from your family to go to physical therapy.

When you are at each session, focus on your daily goal(s) and stay dedicated to your recovery. With a positive attitude and outlook on your future, you’ll be surprised with how far you can come in a short time!

Taking Things Nice and Slow

One important part of back surgery recovery is listening to what your body tells you! Taking things nice and slow during your recovery process will allow you to heal your body in the most effective way.

Always err on the side of caution when you are lifting anything after back surgery. You are better off lifting less than you can so that you are not jumping into things too quickly.

This will help you avoid re-injuring yourself and needing to undergo another procedure or longer physical therapy sessions.

The Keys to Successful Spine Surgery Recovery

One of the keys to successful spine surgery recovery is how you approach the process from the time you walk out of the operation room.

It’s also crucial for you to understand your physical limitations and to embrace these during your recovery. After your surgery, it may be tempting to jump right back into activities as if nothing has changed.

By being careful and keeping in mind that you underwent spinal surgery, you can ensure that you make the most of your recovery and live your best life! Once you’ve made a full recovery, check out our blog section for a post on how to get the beach body you’ve always wanted!

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