Sun. Mar 7th, 2021
Best Moving Companies

Moving can be exciting, but it can also be an extremely stressful time in life.

In order to ensure a successful move, it’s vital to find the best moving companies near you for peace of mind.

Read on to learn how you can find the right moving company that will give you the services you need at a great price.

Start with an Accurate Estimate

The best moving companies won’t just give you a ballpark estimate over the phone, they’ll actually come to your home. In order to give you the most accurate estimate possible, movers need to see exactly what you have.

Contact at least three moving companies before you settle on one so you have a clearer idea of the total cost. With a reputable moving company, you’ll feel confident when it comes time to pay your invoice.

It’s best not to rely on moving estimates over the phone, so if the movers won’t come to you, politely decline their services. Make sure that your estimate has a full break down including all of the costs associated with your move.

The Best Moving Companies are Flexible

Whether it’s across town or across the country, moving can be overwhelming. Sometimes, your schedule may change depending on a wide range of factors.

If you need more flexibility, consider portable storage containers rather than a traditional mover. Companies like allow you to pack your storage containers and move them at your own pace rather than having to stick to a set schedule.

Most traditional moving companies will require you to stay on schedule, but a moving storage company gives you a little more freedom and flexibility. The type of mover you choose really depends on your unique situation, but storage containers that can be moved are a wonderful alternative.

Ask About Insurance

If you’re moving highly valuable items, it’s crucial to make sure that they’re covered if anything goes wrong. Find out what type of insurance you have with your moving company and determine if you need to pay for supplemental coverage.

Breakable items and antique furniture may not be covered by a standard policy. Make sure that you get the coverage you need in the event that something ends up missing or broken in the course of your move.

The best moving companies will be honest and thoroughly clear about all of their policies. When in doubt, ask to see everything in writing and make sure you feel comfortable before signing on the dotted line.

Make a Smart Move

Whether it’s a storage container or actual movers, the best moving companies will give you the services you need at a reasonable price. Always ask for a clear, thorough estimate as well as any additional insurance you may need along with other items that might be hiding in the fine print.

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