How to create a pest–free environment for your office?

How to create a pest–free environment for your office?

Indians are mostly workaholics and treat work as the most important aspect of their lives. They definitely consider it as more significant than maintaining a personal life. India being a developing nation most of the people are focused on earning more money for their families. This makes offices the ultimate places for most people to rely on. An average Indian spends more than half of its life in an office working more than 50 to 60 hours a week. Overtimes and weekend works are common for many executives. 

When so much of the time is being spent in one place, it is safe to ask if the company is taking care of the office as well as its employees in it. The company should have a healthy environment for the staff to work in so that they do not get sick and the production does not decrease. The most common ways of offices getting more absentees, dissatisfaction and resignations is the invasion of pests and cleanliness issues. Cleanliness can be taken care of by hiring local professional cleaning services near you or just by the office boys. But pest control is a very different matter. 

Pests can enter the office environment through shipments, by employees and if your office is in pest oriented locations. Even if it is not, pests find their way-in in search of food and shelter. Most do not bother to keep a routine maintenance check-up for the entire office as an office is a temporary place. This results in the spread of the pests that have already entered and the situation becomes out of hand. Then this situation is tried to be contended by some random office boy who does not have any experience or skill in handling pests in the first place. Only after all this, a professional pest control services in Whitefield, Bangalore or any professional near your place is hired to take care of the situation.

But how can this situation be avoided at the beginning itself? Here are a few common things that can help you avoid pest invasion in your office if you and your employees do these small things diligently.

Supervising Dustbins Thoroughly – 

Dustbins in offices are the most atrocious places. Everyone uses them the whole day in their own personal ways. Many people throw away their wet food or drinks with dry waste. This is gross and makes the dustbin a breeding place for any pests like mosquitoes, cockroaches, and flies. Also, if the dustbins are not emptied regularly at night, then it might be attracting rodents into the office premises. So, try to get professional rodent and cockroach pest control services in Bangalore at the earliest and after the service try to keep close supervision on the cleaning of the dustbin.

Eating or Hiding Food at Desks 

Every office should have a proper eating area or cafeteria for its employees to have their lunch and relax during their break. Also, employees need to persistently follow not to keep food items in jars or open packets in their drawers or desks that can attract pests. Ants, rodents, and termites might be on the ready to attack your desk and eat away the food and many important documents along with it.

Keeping the floor clear of spills and dishes – 

When so many people are working together it is mandated for them to get refreshments while working. A spill on the floor is a common problem. But how well it is dealt with is the question. Any spill should be taken care of instantly. Employees always need something strong like coffee or tea to continue with their work through the day. But leaving the dirty cups overnight might attract pests like cockroaches. 

Informing about minor leakages or maintenance issues – 

If any of the employees or you see any kind of minor leakages, breakage, cracks or gaps in the office then inform the maintenance department at the earliest and get it sorted as soon as possible. In the case of plumbing leakages, it can attract termites into the office that can attack files and cardboard boxes along with wooden furniture. Then you have to call professional termite control in Bangalore to handle the situation which is both costly and time-consuming.

Awareness is the key to a pest-free office environment. Follow these trifling habits and have a safe and hygienic workplace for more productivity and success. 

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