How to Assemble Your RTA Cabinets and Remake Your Room with Ease

How to Assemble Your RTA Cabinets and Remake Your Room with Ease

Installing new cabinets is the best way to radically transform a room with one single project. Hiring out for a set of custom cabinets is a pricey proposition, however, and that’s why many homeowners are opting for installing their own cabinets. Self-installation saves you money on costly labor fees and is a great way to get a beautiful look on a budget.

While installing cabinets used to be a more challenging proposition, Ready To Assemble (RTA) cabinets have made it so that anyone can install new cabinets. RTA cabinets are available in a variety of styles, including high-end options which will have your guests thinking you paid much more than you did for your beautiful new storage system. If you’re about to purchase some RTA cabinets, here’s everything you need to know about assembling them correctly.

Choose a Method

Although some RTA cabinets require specific methods of bonding, many sets have the option to use either wood glue or small brads to secure your pieces. Whichever method of bonding you choose be sure that you understand the process completely to ensure strong bonds which do not come apart when the cabinets are in use.

Unpack the Materials

Once you have your RTA cabinets home and ready to go you should completely unpack the box and sort the parts for easy access during construction. This should include instructions for the construction process, but if not, see here simple assembly instructions.

Build Your Drawers

The first step in building your RTA cabinet is usually to assemble any drawers the units will feature. This is a simple first step to get used to the process and also ensures that your drawers are ready to go when the rest of the cabinet has been assembled.

Assemble the Box

The boxes are the structure for your cabinets meaning this is the most important phase of the construction process. Ensure that all of your support pieces are secured at the appropriately square angles as even a slight offset of angling can lead to problems when trying to install several cabinets near each other at worst or an unpleasant askew appearance at best. RTA cabinet boxes will often feature a combination of pieces secured with glue or brads as well as simple backing which slides into grooves cut in the side pieces of the box. This keeps the cabinets lightweight and affordable.

Install the Glides

With the support structure in place and the drawers assembled it’s time to install any glides for drawers. Glides are simple tracks which run from the front of the cabinet to the beck and help to support the drawer as well as provide a path for the drawers guide wheels to roll on so that they pull out or push in smoothly.

Affix All Doors

Any doors which need to be mounted on the front of the cabinet can go on now that the interior elements are all taken care of. Always check to ensure that your doors are installed square so that the bottom edge is parallel to the ground.

Add the Extras

Often with RTA cabinets, the devil is in the details. Always be sure to add the little bits which improve your cabinets’ function, like bumpers for drawers or soft close mechanisms to the hinges, and then you’re done. You’ll be amazed how quickly you can go from placing an order online to having a finished product.

RTA cabinets are the perfect way to complete a redesign without having to go for broke. They provide the ideal blend of an attractive look at an affordable price. If you’re ready to remodel quit thinking about it and get started by ordering your RTA cabinets today.

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