Hilary and Clinton’s immigration reforms

Hilary and Clinton’s immigration reforms

Hilary’s immigration policy is in support of Caren’s immigration approach where the approach calls for open borders. Just like in Caren’s immigration approach Hillary aims at enforcing immigration rights. According to Caren’s theory, every individual has the right to live, and it is the moral obligation of the country to help in such situations. Hilary’s immigration policy aims at treating immigrants with dignity and embracing them as part of the American community. 

Clinton’s Policy

Like in Fukuyama, Clinton’s policy aims at enhancing and promoting family values. the most aims of Clinton’s immigration policy is to reform the immigration policies and make sure that one becomes a full American citizen within the primary 100 days. The reform will make sure that the immigrants are treated with dignity and also bring legion hard-working people into the American economy. Like in Fukuyama, Clinton’s policy will bring economic efficiency resulting in the economic process within the country.

Hilary will enforce immigration laws humanely during a way that the immigrants aren’t mistreated. Like in Caren’s approach Hillary’s immigration policy will focus the resources on detaining and deporting those that do pose a threat to public policy. Another important component of Hillary’s immigration policy is its promotion of naturalization. The policies will work together in ensuring that naturalization costs are removed, and also the immigrants are offered opportunities to measure a modest life within the country.

Clinton’s immigration policy and direction to justice.

Clinton’s immigration policy is one step to justice. Hillary’s immigration policy will concentrate on ensuring that the immigrants posing a threat to public safety are going to be detained and deported. Hillary also aims at ensuring that families of immigrants are protected. In promoting justice for economic immigrants, Hillary will make sure that labor violations are eliminated through reforms. I feel that Clinton’s immigration policy opens the door too far. Immigrants will easily be integrated into America and can be treated with dignity. Like Caren’s approach, Clinton is going to be opening borders to integrate immigrants. This way the immigration policy are going to be assisting the immigrants because the country should do. As per Assignment Help USA (https://helpinhomework.org/assignment-help-usa) Hillary’s immigration policy needs reforms to treat immigrants with respect and as fellow Americans. With the promise to finish the three years and 10-year bars, immigrants are going to be acquiring American citizenship easily and faster than it wont to be. With the opening of the borders to immigrants, the American economy will attract many hard-working people, which will result in more economic processes within the country.

Whether the proposals is probably going to scale back or increase xenophobia

Hillary’s immigration policy is great but will result in greater xenophobia within the country. With empowering immigrants through the proposed reforms, the American people are likely to fear the immigrants more. there’s the likelihood that there’ll be more competition for jobs. When the immigrants are granted full citizenship, they’re going to compete for employment opportunities like every other American citizen. This can increase xenophobia within the country as per Homework Help (https://helpinhomework.org). Foreigners are going to be treated all told manners like Americans, and for this reason, it’s likely that there’ll be increased xenophobia within the country.

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