Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

Do you have some old electronic gadgets that you do not use at all? The fun fact is that you can turn them into big bucks. See, there is no good reason to keep the old laptop if you recently bought a brand-new Asus ZenBook. If you want to sell used laptop easily online, here are the things you should do.

Format all your data

The very first thing you should do is to clear all the data that you had stored on the laptop you intend to sell. Remember, your personal information is very critical; thus, it should remain confidential. Ensure that no log in credentials left on your computer. Also, make sure you delete all the personal photos, files, and any password-protected folders.

In addition, check your laptop thoroughly for any broken parts. This is aimed at ensuring it is functioning normally. However, you can get a few bucks for a broken machine, but it is better to have it well-running so that you can reap big. Some of the key parts to check are the battery, the keyboard, and the display. If you find some of the above parts not working properly because they are broken, find a good guy to fix them before selling.

Clean it to look new

You have used the tablet or your computer for a long time. It looks old, and no one likes things that look old. Thus, you would better clean it before you give it away for auction. See, an item displayed for sale should be appealing to the eyes of the customer. Make sure your laptop, computer, tablet, or any other electronic gadget looks as if it is new, although old!

Also, take off all the stickers that you might have added. Remove all the residue of the sticker with a good cleaning solution. You surely can’t use water and soap; this will ruin your device, you know. The cleaning part of the process might be tempting to skip since it sounds much demanding. Don’t skip it. It is the phase that will make your item look as new, and that may raise the value of your item.

Write a concise description and add detailed photos

It is simple. You do not need to write an entire 1000-word product review. You also do not require to have a thousand photos of your device. Just be straight to the point. Write a short description that is well-organized. A long and sophisticated description may tend to confuse potential buyers. Make sure to include the model, model number, storage capacity, RAM, processing power, and its current condition. However, do not give any false information regarding your item.

Bottom line

The pictures you take must look professional even you took them using your old phone. Just make sure you take the items in a well-lit spot and on a super clean surface. Clients look at photos before they even get down to the details on the description. Thus, always pay keen attention to the above-explained aspects whenever you want to sell your electronic products online.

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