Heading to England? The Top Things to Do in York

Heading to England? The Top Things to Do in York

Almost 7 million people visit York each year. This city offers visitors a reminder of the picturesque, traditional England in many movies and television shows.

Are you heading to York soon and want to know some of the must-see sites? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of things to do in York.

Where to Stay in York

When choosing where to stay in York, decide if you want to have a city-centric experience or a blissful countryside retreat. Most city center locations make everything an easy walk away. And staying in the city center means you can spend the night away in one of York’s hundreds of pubs.

If you’re looking to experience the countryside, stay on the outskirts. There are a ton of cute bed and breakfasts where you can have a quaint, quiet evening away. They often make perfect holiday getaways.

With the ever-growing popularity of apartment rentals, consider taking that route as well. It tends to be a lot cheaper than traditional hotels and has all the comforts of home. Yorkboutiquelets is the best apartment and accommodation provider for rentals.

What to Eat in York

Looking for afternoon tea? The most popular restaurant in the city is Betty’s café. And they sell loose-leaf tea, so you can take a piece of York home with you!

For a restaurant popular among the locals, try Cafe No 8. This bistro next to York Minster has all the English classics.

If you want some of England’s famous Indian cuisine, try eating at The Cat’s Pyjamas. They offer authentic, contemporary Indian cooking that’s unrivaled in the city.

For something more upscale, head to Le Cochon Aveugle. This one-of-a-kind restaurant doesn’t have a menu. Just tell the restaurant any dietary restrictions and they’ll cook you up an amazing four- or eight-course meal.

Another great restaurant is Rattle Owl. The head chef is Michelin-trained. And the inside features the remains of an actual Roman road in the cellar.

Finally, consider eating at Sara Danesin. This Italian supper club only takes place three times a month in Sara’s home. Eat an amazing four-course meal cooked by a MasterChef finalist in a Victorian home.

Things to Do in York

One of the most popular things to do in York is to visit the York Minster. This Gothic church may be England’s most striking cathedrals.

Consider climbing up the central tower to get an overview of the city. Walk around and bask in the marvel of this church that began construction almost 900 years ago.

Next, be sure to visit the York city walls. These ancient Roman walls once protected York from enemy attacks. If you feel inclined, take the roughly 2-mile walk around the entire thing and see 45 towers along the way.

Visit Clifford’s Tower, which is a destroyed Norman keep located at the center of York Castle. It’s York Castle’s last remaining structure. If you climb to the top, you’ll get the most spectacular views in all the city.

If you’re looking for an area of town that’s a must-visit, make sure to walk The Shambles. This is the city’s prettiest street, filled with 15th-century buildings and cobbled streets. It’s a great place to go souvenir shopping that lets you enjoy your walk along the way.

Finally, visit some of York’s great museums. The Jorvik Viking Centre lets you travel back in time to when York was under Danish rule. And don’t miss the National Railway Museum, which is home to over 100 locomotives and is free to enter.

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