Haunted Escape: Are Haunted Houses or Escape Rooms Scarier?

Haunted Escape: Are Haunted Houses or Escape Rooms Scarier?

If there’s one thing people love, it’s being scared. Putting yourself in a position where scares are abundant is a safe and exciting way to get your adrenaline pumping and see your friends scream their heads off.

Haunted houses are one of the most popular ways to get yourself scared this Halloween season, along with now wildly popular haunted escape rooms. They both offer different and fun experiences, but which is the scarier choice?

If you’re looking for the perfect haunted escape, keep on reading to find out which is scarier: escape rooms, or haunted houses.

Escape Rooms are Interactive

Interactivity is one of the biggest differences between escape rooms and haunted houses. With haunted houses, it’s more about experiencing the scares. You’re not really going to be challenged… well, beyond your cowardice, that is.

Escape rooms are more of a game. You can win or lose, and while some may consider being too scared to finish a haunted house losing, it’s not really the same.

The interactivity of an escape room slows down the scares, forcing you to take your time and think. While this slower pace and a more creepy vibe than scary one is perfect for some, it still means that haunted houses take the scary edge.

Haunted Houses are Adrenaline Pumping

Escape rooms can definitely get the adrenaline going, especially if you’re getting down to the last minutes of the escape. But a good haunted house filled with jumps and scares at every corner is a more quick, satisfying way to get the blood pumping.

Plus, haunted houses are generally faster to get through, as you escape rooms require you to take your time and think our a solution. With haunted houses, the scares keep coming. The clear edge here goes to haunted houses.

Escape Rooms Are Open Year-Round

Most haunted houses are seasonal, meaning you aren’t going to have much luck finding a good one outside of October. Escape rooms are around all the time, with haunted house themed escape rooms being more seasonal.

If you’re looking around Halloween time then this won’t be an issue, but if you’re the kind of person who likes to be scared year-round, you’ll probably have an easier time finding a haunted house escape room than a true haunted house.

For year-round scares, a point goes to escape rooms.

What About a Haunted Escape?

There are plenty of haunted house escape rooms out there that mix a little of both worlds. While you won’t get the full haunted house experience here as you’re going to have to juggle it with escaping and clue solving, this is usually a great choice for those who just can’t make up their minds.

Plus, there are some pretty scary haunted escape rooms out there.

If you can find a good one, a haunted themed escape room can be just as scary or scarier than a haunted house. Point to escape rooms.

For A Spooky Adventure Consider A Haunted Escape Room

There are many factors to consider in deciding which is scarier, but if you’re looking for some quick, hard scares a haunted house is probably the best option. However, I really recommend mixing the best of both worlds and trying a haunted escape. Always choose the best of both worlds.

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