Get Things Rolling: What You Need to Know About Casters for Furniture

Get Things Rolling: What You Need to Know About Casters for Furniture

Rearranging furniture is backbreaking work. Sure, you can ask your friends for help, but don’t be surprised if they suddenly have a full schedule. It’s a big favor to ask, right up there with helping you pack or dropping you off at the airport.

So why not rely on man’s greatest invention: the wheel? Putting wheels on things has saved countless people from back injuries throughout history. That’s right, we’re talking about caster wheels.

Installing casters for furniture makes it easy to completely rearrange your living room, office, or even the kitchen. By enabling mobility and functionality to an existing piece, you’ll have the flexibility to create a room just the way you envisioned it.

There are many things to consider when choosing what casters are appropriate for your home furnishings. Here’s what you need to know about caster wheels for furniture.

The Type of Flooring

You don’t want to damage the floor as you’re rolling a piece of furniture back and forth. This can happen if you choose the wrong caster material for the type of floor that you have. The correct material also determines if the wheel will have enough traction for a particular surface.

In general, cushion rubber or polyurethane wheels are sufficient for most home use. You can use them for almost any type of surfaces such as wood, finished concrete, ceramic tiles, or granite.

To get better traction on softer floors, you need a wheel made of harder materials such as steel or hard rubber or hard synthetic. They can be used on carpeted floors or on rough concrete to avoid scuff marks and skid marks.

The Weight of the Piece

Casters have different ratings depending on their load capacity. They’re either light-duty, medium-duty, or heavy-duty.

For most appliances and furnishings, you’ll only need light-duty casters which has a load capacity of up to 500 pounds. For heavier furniture weighing more than 500 pounds and up to 1500 pounds, get medium-duty casters. Heavy-duty casters are mostly for industrial use and you probably won’t be needing them for your home.

Take note that all the installed casters share the weight. For example, if you have an 800-pound piece of furniture, you can have four 200-pound rated casters to support it.

The Degree of Mobility of the Casters for Furniture

What kind of mobility are you looking for? Fixed wheels can only roll back and forth in one direction. If you want the wheels to turn for greater maneuverability, you need casters with swivel wheels.

You may also want caster models with a brake or locking mechanism. You can engage the brakes to stop the wheel from rolling. This makes sure that the furniture stays in place and will only move if you disengage the lock.

Ready to Roll

Caster wheels make the job of rearranging furniture a whole lot easier. However, there are various considerations when choosing casters for furniture. Now that you know what to look for, you’re ready to purchase casters to get things rolling.

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