Future Vision: 5 Rules on How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy You Should Never Neglect

Future Vision: 5 Rules on How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy You Should Never Neglect

Not the eyes! It’s true, there’s a unique horror in eye-related health conditions.

As we age, the risk of developing vision-related problems will increase. As in most things health-related, there’s more most of us could be doing to protect ourselves and limit our chances of developing a condition. But before you can protect yourself, you need to know what those things are.

Here are 5 rules on how to keep your eyes healthy you should never neglect.

1. Take Screen Breaks

These days, most of us spend a lot of time staring at screens.

While your eyes won’t go square like your parents might have prophesied, taking frequent breaks will help keep your eyes healthier. A break allows the eye to rehydrate, reducing eye strain and fatigue.

The worst effects of tired eyes may seem short term, but our eyes dry out when staring at screens. The film of tears that covers your eye also protects it from dust and debris, so dry eyes can cause long-term damage to the delicate surface of your eye.

2. Wear Sunglasses

Most of us at least know we should wear sunscreen when out and about. But have you thought about sunglasses?

As we age, damage to our eyes from the UV rays of the sun can cause them to age prematurely, just like our skin. Wearing sunglasses is one of the easiest ways to protect your eyes and keep them healthier for longer.

If you already wear corrective lenses, then Sunglasses with prescriptions can ensure you’re not choosing between your vision and your long-term eye health.

3. Stop Smoking

Along with causing a panoply of other health conditions, smoking can also damage your eyes. Keeping eyes healthy may mean giving up the death sticks.

Smokers have an increased chance of developing cataracts, while smoking also contributes to age-related macular degeneration. As if that wasn’t enough, smokers are also more likely to develop diabetes — and diabetic retinopathy with it.

4. Eat Well

You get out of your body what you put into it — quite literally. What we eat and drink has a major effect on your health, and our eyes are no exception. This is one of the eye health tips that will help you out in other ways, too.

Consume fresh foods and foods containing Omega-3 fatty acids. You should also aim to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Foods that are high in saturated fats can damage your eyes by restricting blood flow through the thousands of tiny blood vessels in your eyes.

5. Eye Exams

A regular eye exam forms an important part of any eye health plan, and you can’t skip it just because you followed the other steps.

Eye exams can pick up eye problems in their early stages. That means you can catch them before they develop into something more serious. As if that wasn’t enough, eye exams can even pick up larger medical issues, like diabetes.

How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy In 5 Simple Ways

These 5 simple tips should help you understand how to keep your eyes healthy. Even these small changes to your habits could pay off big-time in your old age.

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