Facebook Wants To Read ‘What’s On Your Mind’ With Its Newest Acquisition?

Facebook Wants To Read ‘What’s On Your Mind’ With Its Newest Acquisition?

Andrew Bosworth, the Vice President of Facebook’s augmented reality and virtual reality division, has spilled beans about that the company’s ongoing acquisition of CTRL-labs – a New York based startup specializing in brain control technology – in a post on Monday.

Some sources reported to CNBC that the acquisition amounts to an approximate sum between $500 million and $1 billion. But according to a Facebook spokesperson, the deal’s value is lower than $1 billion. An official statement by either side, however, is yet to be made.

To put things into context, CTRL-labs was founded by Thomas Reardon and Patrick Kaifosh, two PhD qualified neuroscientists from Columbia University. The startup is best known for its CTRL-kit, a neural interface device that functions by translating neurological impulses into digital codes that can be understood by machines.

The startup will join Facebook’s augmented reality and virtual reality division, known as Reality Labs. In his post, Bosworth explained that “the vision for this work is a wristband that lets people control their devices as a natural extension of movement” since we are currently spending “a lot of time trying to get our technology to do what we want rather than enjoying the people around us.

At present, it is claimed that actions such as clicking a mouse or pressing a button can be achieved with this technology and the aim is to expand it in a manner that common digital actions such as making a call or accessing one’s inbox can be achieved through the device.

Potential Plans To Capitalize On Gadgets And Hardware

It is evident that Facebook is dedicated to the growth and it is safe to assume that the social media behemoth wants to keep its growth rate intact by capitalizing on gadgets.

In 2014, Facebook acquired Oculus, a 3D gaming company, right after a prototype of the company’s virtual reality headset was released. This investment proved to be beneficial, as the sales of Oculus headsets have been steady since they’ve been made available to the market.

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