Facebook Is Skeptical About The Future Of Its Libra Currency!

We first heard about Facebook Libra, the cryptocurrency social media giant has made plans for, back in June. Amidst all the concerns and reservations of authorities surrounding it now, the digital cryptocurrency may never be launched at all.

One of the many reasons throwing light on Libra included the use of cryptocurrencies for terrorism and other illegal activities.

Earlier Facebook hinted on the Libra launch only after exhaustive testing of the system. However, the global firm has now warned the investors that it might not launch Libra at all, presenting a more cautious approach.

The launch was expected to take place in the first half of 2020. It might happen, but the recent incidents could alter things that might consequently wipe out Libra completely.

Facebook mentioned regulatory issues that might hold back the Libra project, in its quarterly reports submitted to the SEC. It also talked about how rolling out a new technology will highlight the impediments of vague protocols in many countries.

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