Easy Ways To Recover Hacked Facebook Account without Email

Easy Ways To Recover Hacked Facebook Account without Email

As we all know, Facebook is always a good platform to share our spirit and keep in touch with many people, besides it is also a place to discuss current times and issues. But when your profile gets hacked then it is a very bad situation for you and the situation gets worse when you do not have access to the recovery email. And at that time most users think that their profile will not be recovered, but you can actually do that and that too without the need for an email address. So to get ahead take a look at the complete guide discussed below.

Best Steps To Recover Hacked Facebook Profile Without Email:

You don’t just need a simple method to recover your Facebook profile, which you may not know yet and with it, you will not need to access your saved email and you can add an alternate email. Follow some simple steps below to solve your problem.

  • First of all, you have to enter the email address in the field on the top right and you will see a screen asking you if you have forgotten your email password.
  • Now click on this option password to see all possible recovery solutions for it.
  • Now you have to enter your username, email or phone number to identify your account.
  • Now you do not need to click on the option to access them and you will go to the next page.
  • To register it, enter any of your new email addresses and then repeat it on another text field.
  • Now you will go to the next page where you will have to enter the answers to all the security questions that you saved while creating your account. And if you enter them incorrectly then you cannot access your account, so fill them incorrectly

You must have known all about recovering a hacked Facebook account without email. With this, you can easily recover your hacked Facebook profile in which someone changed your default recovery email or does not have access to your email address as all you will need is a new email ID. I hope you like our work, keep sharing it with others too. If you have any queries related to facebook you can click here facebook support number. 

How to delete a page on facebook 

To delete a page from Facebook, the simple method below works to delete a Facebook page, but you can use it to delete as many individual pages as you want.

  1. First, go to log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Go to the page you want to delete, you can access it by selecting “Account” (upper right corner) and then click on “Use Facebook as a page”. A list of all the pages you manage will pop up. Click on the link to the page you want to remove.
  3. Once you are there, click the “Edit Page” button in the top right corner of the page:
  4. Delete Facebook page, click “Manage Permissions”
  5. Under the “Delete page”, click “Delete this page permanently”.
  6. After deleting the page, how to delete the page on Facebook, you will not be able to get it back. Are you sure you want to delete the page name?
  7. Click on delete or cancel option

What can happen if I forget the security answer:

That was quite important when your Facebook account was hacked and you didn’t remember the secret answer to your Facebook account. So no need to worry because now you have to take some more steps to recover the hacked Facebook account.

  • If you don’t remember the security answer by going to your email address and send an email to privacy@facebook.com and describe your entire case, wait for the answer.
  • Facebook may ask you to upload a national identity card, driving license, passport for your identity, so do so and wait for their reply.

It can also take 24 hours depending on the Facebook customer service of cases you have. I hope you get an email back with a link to change the Facebook password and you will have full access to your account again. I hope you get enough knowledge to recover a hacked facebook account, comment if you got any other idea for facebook account recovery.

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