Easy To Manage The External Hard Drive And MAC Solutions

Easy To Manage The External Hard Drive And MAC Solutions

iBoysoft Drive Manager should manage the external drive to network basis of very easy. And, the installation process is maintained with your needs. the iBoysoft Drive Manager is one of the best processes and connects with the application of mounting and unmount your external drives. In addition, you can find out the unmount drives to more than system preference. However, many people want to good system settings. In addition, the driver manager should make to your whishes and belongs to your simple click to mount or unmount, etc. There are possible to pull off physical connectors for risk of corrupting drivers as well as more than reliable for tools to make life easier. Moreover, it also appears like folders in your finders interface with the very safe and secure the works of any external connection as well as great options like activity depending on some notifications


  • You can manage the external from the menu bar
  • Then, eject with the unmount drives to remove for connecting from your MAC
  • The mount and unmount the external way to easily.
  • Connect/disconnect all network drives 
  • Configure automatic ejection 
  • Configure auto-notifications 
  • Mount NTFS drive is the read-only mode
  • Remount USB storages

Mounting And Unmounting Sources.

 The better source to server storage the local disk find and more than applicable for works to a local volume. It also supported the storage devices from the USB flash drive, SD card, CF card, External hard drive, MicroSD, memory stick, micro card, etc. Moreover, the external basis from the real issues due to saving your drive passwords. Now, the system of always fill the password and running with the mounting/unmounting. It is one of the best processes and also protected the default Mac as well as the order to unlock the drivers. In the best process of software easy to configure and use as well as the main section of lots of features for setting up the way to be mounted depending on your computer status. Mainly focus on the use to iBoysoft Drive Manager and able to connect and disconnect all drivers to perfect methods and it is very helpful


The NTFS is one of the more primary windows file systems. There are possible to work on Mac computer as well as the need to read or write files from HDD, formatted under Windows, etc. However, every file is move, edit, copy and more than the volume of your Mac. Then, it is very fast, seamless, and easy to use the set any of your NTFS for Mac volumes drives. Now, the development of data should modify from Microsoft-formatted from macOS. Moreover, there are possible to the driver based to access the data from the NTFS-formatted storages on Mac by Paragon Software.

  • You can download and install Microsoft NTFS for Mac onto your Mac
  • Restart your Mac
  • then, connected to your Mac and also available and ready to use.

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