Cool Boat Stuff: Must Have Accessories for Your Boat

Cool Boat Stuff: Must Have Accessories for Your Boat

Are you lucky enough to own one of the nearly 12 million boats in the US?

If so, you know the joys of being out on the water. One survey reports that the top 3 reasons people enjoy boating are relaxing, enjoying nature, and spending time with friends and family.

Whether your boat is big or small, you can make the experience even more fun with the latest boat gadgets. There’s so much cool boat stuff out there—you just have to go and get it!

Ready to feel inspired? Read on!

Fun Boating Accessories

Here’s our pick for 5 must-have (and really cool) boat accessories.

1. Designer Bimini Top

Nothing says “style” like a custom boat bimini top. You can choose from acrylic, vinyl, or polyester and an endless array of colors and patterns.

From solid colors to bright stripes to pirate flag designs, a bimini top is a perfect way to add some custom flair to your boat’s look. It also serves a practical purpose too, providing protection from the sun and a place to cool off.

2. Towing Tube

Towable tubes are almost mandatory for a day on the water. Who knew that dragging your kids around could provide hours of family fun?

There’s a tube to fit every size family and budget. From a single person inflatable design to hot dogs, bananas, and “sit down” tubes, this item belongs at the top of your boating accessories list.

3. Solar Charger

You need those portable devices to cast your favorite tunes and snap a million photos for Instagram. But will your electronics have enough juice to survive a long day on the water?

Not to worry! A solar charger comes to the rescue. Keep it out in a sunny spot and it’ll be ready to recharge those phones, speakers, and other essential boat gadgets.

4. Boat Diving Board

Want some cool boat stuff that none of your other friends will have? Install a diving board off the side of your boat and you’ll be the talk of the lake.

Make sure to install it in a safe location, away from the motors or other potential hazards. And before everyone starts jumping off, use a depth finder to ensure there are no shallow spots nearby.

5. Boat Grill

Why should you wait to get home before you cook up that fresh catch? Boat grills are usually designed for pontoon boats, but they should attach easily enough to other types of boats too.

Bring along some burgers or hot dogs to cook up during lunchtime. Or, if you’re lucky enough to catch some fish or lobsters, you can grill them up on the spot!

Get This Cool Boat Stuff Today!

So, which of these fun boat gadgets will you buy first?

Is it the diving board or towing tube for hours of fun in the sun? The bimini top to show off your unique style? Or the boat grill to cook up a feast?

Whatever you choose, remember the most important thing is to get out there and enjoy your time on the water. This cool boat stuff is sure to help you do just that!

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