Best Tips to Boost Engagement With Instagram Video

Best Tips to Boost Engagement With Instagram Video

Social media marketing is one of the most affordable tenets of digital marketing. The creative potential that it carries is limitless. Furthermore, one of the most popular social media platforms is Instagram. If you are looking to target the tech-savvy Gen Z audience, you will have to make your presence known on Instagram. Almost all youngsters all over the globe have made the switch from Facebook to Instagram. 

To help your business and brand grow in such a dynamic space as Instagram, you will have to know just what makes it tick. Social media marketing has a lot of nuances, and most social media marketers have to invest hours in exploring a platform to the fullest. 

One of the best ways to boost your brand presence on Instagram is by posting videos on your page. You can upload them as Instagram Posts, Reels, Stories, or even stream real-time videos under the Live feature.

Best Tips and Tricks to Boost Engagement With Instagram Videos

By keeping the following tips and tricks in mind, you will easily be able to boost engagement with the Instagram videos that you post:

1. Keep an Eye on the Dimensions

Each social media platform requires different video dimensions. The default ratio for all posts is 1:1 on Instagram. While shooting the video that you will later upload on Instagram, go for 1080 x 1080 pixels. For landscape videos, the exact dimensions are 1.91:1, which will translate into 1080 x 608 pixels. 

To get these complex dimensions right, you can also make use of an instagram video editor. It will help you get pre-recorded footage that is not in the aforementioned dimensions to fit into your final output. Vertical videos are not the norm, except in Instagram Stories. They should be avoided, as they tend to annoy most viewers. 

2. Focus on Reels, Stories, and Posts

One crucial distinction to remember before posting videos on Instagram is between Reels and Posts. If you are putting out video content that does not contain critical information about a product or the brand that must reach every follower, you should try Reels. Most videos that are posted as Reels have a greater entertainment value than informational value. 

The Reels space is a place of exploration, where people come across random pages, and consequently, discover new brands. Therefore, you can get creative with your videos there to attract more people to your page. On the other hand, proper content campaigns should be uploaded as Instagram Posts. You can also use IGTV for longer videos. For instance, if you want to put up an interview of a relevant figure from your industry that is five or 10 minutes in length, you should upload it on IGTV. 

3. Interact, Interact, and interact

The only way you can instil brand loyalty in your audience is by interacting with them. A lot of brands post amazing Instagram videos, but they lose the momentum by not making their presence known in the comment section. 

For small businesses and brands, interacting with the audience is a must as it makes them more relatable to their customers. Moreover, social media marketing aims to breathe life into a brand and elevate it from its status to that of an entity with a personality of its own. Also, the probability of a brand converting leads increases significantly if the brand genuinely talks to its audience. 

4. The Science of Hashtags

Most social media platforms use hashtags to curate their content. Thus, it is essential to use the right hashtags that are relevant to your posts. Without them, your posts will fail to have a separate identity on the platform, and your chances of being discovered will decrease drastically. 

Another important tip to remember is not to clutter your copy with hashtags. It will not only kill the aesthetics of your posts but also increase the risk of your copy being drowned in hashtags as they appear in bold. Be as selective as you can while choosing hashtags and check out which ones your competitors are using. Moreover, you can be a part of various campaigns and social movements by using the right hashtags, which will help you to reach different demographics. 

5. Use Closed Captions or Subtitles

Social media platforms like Instagram are global spaces. In other words, you will have an audience that is scattered all over the world. Not everyone will be able to understand the language in which you are creating videos. Also, people with hearing and cognitive disabilities may struggle to comprehend your videos without assistance. 

Thus, closed captions and subtitles help a lot for people to understand video content. In fact, with closed captions, you can also upload content in languages other than English. The English captions that you upload with your content will make your videos accessible to a wider demographic. 

6. Keep It Thematic, Tell a Story

It is a good idea to keep your posts in line with a pre-determined theme. For each thematic campaign, you can have different hashtags. That way, you will be able to convey various messages and ideas about your brand, products, and services to your audience. Moreover, you will be able to tell a larger story that cannot be contained in a single Instagram video. 


All in all, keep your target audience in mind while creating your video content. More importantly, try and deliver the best content that you can to your followers. Your followers can usually discern whether you have put in time and effort into your videos. If you keep the aforementioned tips in your mind and try to deliver your best, you will not have any problem with your social media marketing campaign in terms of engagement.