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Belonging to a community means interacting and building trustful relationships with our neighbors, be they next door or across town. These relationships allow us to establish deeper bonds and foster a sense of community that benefits all. But sometimes we may feel as though our communities aren’t as tight-knit as they could be. And even if you live in a tight-knit community, there are always ways to improve it. With that in mind, here is a list of things that can facilitate bonding and encourage positive relations within our communities.

1.Universal respect

First off, healthy relationships can only form when everyone respects each other. No one wants to interact with someone they consider toxic and unpleasant, so becoming tolerant and respectful of everyone builds up trust. This respect and trust is the foundation to creating community bonds and strengthening interpersonal connections, whether they already exist or have yet to be born.


An amazing way to make a tangible positive change is to volunteer. Maybe littering is a big issue in your community, or maybe the community center needs help setting up a kids’ show. Well, you could either get a group of people to pick up the garbage or assist in collecting the right props for the show. Not only might you foster respect, tolerance, and understanding in the process, but your actions would leave a positive mark on your community by making it a safer, cleaner, and funnier place for you and everyone else. If you have that passion to be an entrepreneur and want to bring an impactful evolution in a small business or the business that is set up by women, then come join hands with us. Blue Sky Talk provides Volunteer Opportunities.

3.Organize a club

Let’s say you did organize a garbage pick-up, or maybe a friend of yours has. Making a team or a club out of it is probably the best way to keep the momentum. Through your organization, you and your friend can inspire a lot of people to follow your example. It doesn’t even have to be formal. It can just be five people hanging out and taking care of the greenery down the street. But say the garbage pick-up idea didn’t pick up. Maybe you want to organize a game night for the neighborhood. That would be fantastic, and you could use it to sponsor group trips or any other group activity. The point being that keeping people active in their communities catalyzes change and positivity. Nothing affects others more positively than sharing a goal to better themselves and others, and working together to achieve it.

4.Attend town council

Now, this is the one that would make most people groan, but hear me out. Who are the people making decisions for your children’s school? The town council. They are the ones deciding which programs and projects will continue and which will end next month. Sitting in on a meeting or even becoming a council member can positively impact not only your life but the lives of future generations and future community members. If you are able to, taking an active role in your community’s council is a highly effective way to bring about long-term change.

5.Raise awareness about an important cause 

Another way to improve your community is to raise awareness about an important cause. You can think of it as the first step of (3, or as an independent effort. You can educate people about the repercussions of undisposed garbage on the local flora through pamphlets, a website, a blog series, an event, or even a video. Just let people know about an issue you are passionate about, and why it is also important for them. Awareness is the first step to making a positive impact. Awareness brings about change.


Donating takes on two forms: a financial contribution or time. You can decide which works best for you. You can donate to a local charity of your choice and help the youth in your community, or you can donate your time to them. Maybe you can become a mentor within a local youth club. Ultimately, the decision is yours. But either is appreciated and strengthens your community. Financial support is vital for projects that positively impact the way people live. And so is your time.

7.Start a Pay-it-Forward chain

This is a crazy simple one, but I feel sometimes the simplest forms of kindness are the most effective. Pay-it-forward. When you go through a drive, pay for the person’s meal behind you. Hopefully, this sets off a chain reaction. Literally, the simplest things can brighten up someone’s day. Maybe the person has been struggling in school, and receiving a free meal they were unaware of can put a smile on their face. Or the person behind could be a single-mom and you just helped her calm down her two-year-old while she is on a phone call. I know when I receive a small compliment from a stranger, it makes my day. Imagine if we all did something similar—that would really show the unity of the community.

8.Start a community garden

Nothing brings people together quite as food does. And growing the food you put on the table can be extra special. Especially when everyone in the community is doing it together. Not only are you helping the people within your community eat healthy, nutritious meals, you can also raise awareness about the importance of eating local vegetables and fruits. Nothing tastes better than experiencing the fruits of your and everyone else’s labor. And shared labor can be a fulfilling way to bring about togetherness.

There are plenty of other ways to foster and improve your community, but the most important thing is to inspire action and change. Doing this will provide a sense of belonging and togetherness within your life and the community’s life. As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child”. Well, it takes a town to create a community. And the town is you.

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