Showcase Your Best Moves: 5 Tips on Making a Video Highlight Reel

Showcase Your Best Moves: 5 Tips on Making a Video Highlight Reel

10 seconds on the clock, you shoot, you score, the crowd goes wild! The best highlight reels are made of moments like these.

Creating a highlight real to gain the attention of prospective college coaches can be the make or break aspect of any high school athlete’s career. A video highlight reel enables you to stuff all of your best sports moments into one short video.

Before assembling your highlight reel, there are some things that you need to take into consideration:

What Do College Coaches Look for in A Video Highlight Reel?

When it comes to making a highlight reel, you’ll want to make one that excites the coach about your abilities and captures their attention. When putting your reel together, you must choose clips that show your versatility and talent.

Record the clips that you want to include in the reel and ensure that you’ve chosen the best out of the bunch. You should select a maximum of 20 clips to put into your reel. Choose clips that are high-quality recordings.

Coaches are looking for athletes who can show that they have incredible athleticism. Also, according to most coaches, the music you choose doesn’t matter; in fact, most of the time, they turn the sound off.

Now let’s get into those 5 tips.

1. Gather Your Equipment

Before filming your reel, you must have gathered all of the equipment you’ll need. You’ll need the following:

  • Video recording device
  • The battery charger in case the device dies
  • Batteries in case your batteries stop working
  • A tripod
  • Bag with all of your equipment
  • A notepad and a pencil

A part of gathering your equipment is ensuring that you also understand how your editing software works. The software will help you to edit your video and do things like add text on video as well.

2. Film Your Video

Once you’ve gathered all the equipment, it’s time to start shooting. We recommend you create a schedule for all of the skills that you wish to record.

This will keep you from having to film for hours on end, sacrificing the quality of your video by filming for too long.

3. Edit the Video

When creating a highlight reel, do your best to keep it under 4 minutes long. Remember, college coaches receive thousands of videos every year, and they don’t have time to sit and watch reels that are longer than 5:00 minutes.

Edit the video so that your best attributes are on display and make the coach want you for their program.

4. Post the Video

When you post the video, you must choose the right sports platform to publish your reel on. Nowadays, athletes post their reels to their social media platforms, which is smart, but the reel can easily get lost in the mass of other content on the web.

5. Send the Reel to Coaches

Don’t just post your video to various platforms waiting for the coaches to come to you. You need to promote yourself and show coaches why they need you to become apart of their program.

Sending your video to coaches may be what helps you get the attention you’ve been looking for.

Ready, Set, Film

We hope that when you film your video highlight reel, you keep in mind the tips that we have given you here. Remember, the goal is to capture and keep the attention of prospective coaches you’d like to attend.

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