5 Free Ways to Get Entertainment Online

5 Free Ways to Get Entertainment Online

Internet has a huge role to play in our everyday lives. This role is so comprehensive that we can’t imagine life without Internet today.

Starting from daily social media check-ins wherever we go to look for a new recipe, we have a profound effect on what and how we do things. The online entertainment industry is no exception.

The modern-day entertainment is based on and makes the most out of the Internet. Here are the 5 best ways you can use the internet for entertainment:

Watch live sports on the go

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When it comes to live sports, people earlier had only two options – the television and radio. The technology was so limited then. Today, the time has so changed that it is now possible to watch sports on the go; thanks to the internet.

Not only this, instead of paying for a TV subscription, you can find free to watch platforms on the internet. Major sports channels understand how disruptive the influence of the internet can be, which is why many of them are offering live streaming services and smart phone apps.

Play games online

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Gaming has been a big part of most the childhoods of many of us and has followed us into our adulthood. From Donkey Kong to Mario, digital games have become replaceable. The advent of the internet only made the gaming experience better over the years.

Today, most online games are free and even some paid ones can be considered as a bargain. Card games like rummy and poker are also very popular worldwide. There are sites with best online blackjack game play as well, which offer people all the aspects associated with the game without having to leave your room.

The gaming industry has profited to an unfathomable; all thanks to easy access to the internet.

Stream movies and shows

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Earlier, to watch a movie, you had to go to a theatre or buy its DVD from the nearest video library. Even in the case of TV shows, missing an episode meant watching a repeat episode or waiting for a re-run.

However, with the internet, watching movies and catching the latest show is easier than ever. There are various premium platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many more that offer all your favorite shows, with all the seasons.

The price can be considered affordable if you are a big movie buff. Moreover, subscribing to any of these premium services is as affordable as a 5-star buffet.

Social media and YouTube

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Social media is the biggest influence in today’s world. From what’s new to the things happening on the other side of the world, you can know anything if you stay connected. Social media is a phenomenon that took the world by storm and is still attracting people from all walks of life.

One of the best time killers on the face of the earth, YouTube allows you to watch content for free and upload your content for others, subject to certain guidelines. There are other services like Vivo as well, but none of them is as popular as this Google-backed video giant.

Radio and podcasts

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Lastly, the internet is a great tool for those who are fans of the spoken media. While radio broadcasts are phasing out, they are being replaced by the internet radio. Regardless of whether you like listening to one the whole time or cranking up the stereo in your car when out, internet radio and online podcasts have one distinct benefit, i.e. you can tune into your favorite channels from any part of the world.

In fact, there are no geographical boundaries when it comes to the internet. The first internet radio service was introduced back in 1993 and apps like Tune In Radio and others are taking the baton forward.


In this era, where everything, from groceries to education, can be supplied by online means, it is important to stay connected to the internet. Ranging from watching movies and listening to songs, you can even play games online without having to shell out even a penny. Not to forget its extensive outreach, which has helped people all around the world to get everything they need in the shortest possible time?

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